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Centre ressource de la transition écologique

Kenniscentrum voor de ecologische transitie

Resource centre for the ecological transition



About us

Molleke is a resource centre for the ecological transition in Brussels. A project entirely dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of a more sustainable lifestyle.


The founding idea of the project is to offer a physical place that will serve as a means towards a way of life that is more respectful of the world and oneself.


At Molleke, you can find and share knowledge, try out ecological practices and equip yourself with quality sustainable goods. All this under one roof in the heart of Brussels!

About us

Learn . Share . Grow

In our view, knowledge and information exchange are key tools for behaviour change. Our aim at Molleke is making a way of life less harmful to the planet understandable and accessible to all.

Why don't we take action together? Our motto: learn, share and grow together. For our own good but especially for that of future generations.

1 location . 4 dimensions

Information & training

Come and discover new ecological practices or share your know-how: introduction to zero waste living, workshops to create eco-friendly cleaning products or cosmetics, gardening basics, creative sewing, zero waste cooking and much more.


With everything you need to lead a less wasteful and environmentally friendly life. Home care products, cosmetics or the basic ingredients to create your own. You will also find a selection of inspiring books in Dutch, French and English.

Snacks and coffee. A place that fosters human interaction and sustainability. From the choice of producers or the proposed menu to on-site service. Everything is thought of in a circular way and with the aim of generating as little waste as possible.


A meeting and exchange platform for transition and zero waste actors in Belgium. Molleke's proposes support to the existing and emerging networks by offering visibility and the use of its premises.


A real springboard and citizen platform: come and share information, your products or concepts through a conference, a demo or a workshop.


Our Services
Our name

our name

Molleke means 'little mole' in Dutch. Our name highlights this small mammal often unloved by lovers of "beautiful" gardens. Yet it plays an important role in the ecosystem! The mole favours aerated and fertile soil thanks to its long galleries and regulates the number of insects and slugs since it feeds on them. Like these "shadow workers", the movement of our project spreads knowledge that is sometimes unknown and values that are often forgotten.


How can we rethink how we interact with our ecosystem in a sustainable way? How to start the ecological transition? We want to bring some "farmer common sense" back into our daily lives! To return to know-how that respects the environment and oneself.


So... why not start digging our galleries and expanding our networks too?


the team

A dynamic team of three project leaders who met at Parckfarm Tour et Taxis, a sociable and urban farm located in Molenbeek, Brussels.


It is through the various activities around sustainable food and agriculture in the city that a friendship was born. They have now been working side by side on related projects promoting urban agriculture and sustainable food for more than two years.


Together, they can offer a trilingual service (French, English and Dutch) and above all good moments of fun.

The Team


Opening hours

from may 8th!

Wednesday  15h00 - 20h30

Thursday      15h00 - 20h30

Saturday       10h00 - 13h00

The Parckfarm greenhouse (Farmhouse) is accessible from boulevard Jubilé. Access via the Jubilé bridge.

STIB buses 88 and 89, stop Schelde
and De Lijn.

Metro Pannehuis.

Villo station boulevard Bockstael

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This ambitious project has been underway for more than a year. In 2019, it finally comes to life as a 2-month pop-up store in the urban greenhouse (Farmhouse) of the non-profit Parckfarm Tour et Taxis in Molenbeek.


It is in the heart of this urban oasis that we will welcome you and discuss what Molleke is and can become in the future.


We are waiting for you at our pop-up store to feed this unique resource centre of ecological transition in Brussels. Come share your ideas or your desires.

Opening hours
from May 8th!

Wednesday  15h00 - 20h30

Thursday      15h00 - 20h30

Saturday       10h00 - 13h00


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